what if

the NEWest CREATION FROM THE MOVING COMPANY is COMING november 21-december 29th.




what if is the proposition to look at ourselves, our world in different ways. Letting our imaginations take flight and carry us to where we did not think possible. Or didn’t know was there. Or would prefer not to look at.

What if we could see through another’s eyes? What would that look like? What if the mirror was held up to nature, but instead of seeing what’s reflected we saw what was inside? What would it say? What if we could? What if we did? So…what if?

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Directed by Dominique Serrand

Featuring Sarah Agnew, Steven Epp, and Nathan Keepers

Previews: November 21-24, 2019

Performances: November 29-December 29, 2019

Thursdays – Saturdays, 7:30pm, Sundays, 2:00pm

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Praise for The 4 Seasons.

If you love the existential side of Chekhov but hate the way his characters fight like kids at the dinner table, this might be your jam.
— Jay Gabler - City Pages
A lightness of spirit that counters the dark subject.
— Chris Hewitt - The Star Tribune
...demands an audience to think, rather than simply walk past the reality of our own existence.
— Thom Amundsen
These three make for engaging company as they each confront their crises of confidence and pour their hearts out to one another
— Rob Hubbard - Pioneer Press
Original, profound, silly, thoughtful, delightful, sweet, surprising, and a little odd.
— Cherry and Spoon