At Work

A new creation is coming to the lab theater nov 21-dec 29



Save the Date.

The Moving Company will be back at The Lab Theater

Nov 21- Dec 29, 2019.

More to come…

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Praise for The 4 Seasons.

If you love the existential side of Chekhov but hate the way his characters fight like kids at the dinner table, this might be your jam.
— Jay Gabler - City Pages
A lightness of spirit that counters the dark subject.
— Chris Hewitt - The Star Tribune
...demands an audience to think, rather than simply walk past the reality of our own existence.
— Thom Amundsen
These three make for engaging company as they each confront their crises of confidence and pour their hearts out to one another
— Rob Hubbard - Pioneer Press
Original, profound, silly, thoughtful, delightful, sweet, surprising, and a little odd.
— Cherry and Spoon