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The 4 Seasons

Preview: November 1

November 2-December 2

The Lab Theater

Featuring Heidi Bakke, Joy Dolo and Steven Epp

Directed By Dominique Serrand

Conceived by Steven Epp, Nathan Keepers and Dominique Serrand

If you love the existential side of Chekhov but hate the way his characters fight like kids at the dinner table, this might be your jam.
— Jay Gabler - City Pages
A lightness of spirit that counters the dark subject.
— Chris Hewitt - The Star Tribune
...demands an audience to think, rather than simply walk past the reality of our own existence.
— Thom Amundsen
These three make for engaging company as they each confront their crises of confidence and pour their hearts out to one another
— Rob Hubbard - Pioneer Press
Original, profound, silly, thoughtful, delightful, sweet, surprising, and a little odd.
— Cherry and Spoon

Minneapolis theater company tries to get a handle on change with '4 Seasons'

By Chris Hewitt Star Tribune

“The Moving Company's new show "The 4 Seasons" is not by Anton Chekhov but it's influenced enough by the playwright to feel like a love letter to him.

"I think it will feel like that for us as we're performing it. It's such a beautiful world he makes," says Steven Epp, who acts in the show and is on the company's artistic staff with Nathan Keepers and Dominique Serrand.

Chekhov insisted his plays were comedies but, like them, "4 Seasons" is a plot-light drama that reveals how people respond to difficult times. Moving Company came out of the ashes of Theatre de la Jeune Lune and both companies sought the humor in tragedy and the drama in comedy.

What's it about, exactly? Epp, Heidi Bakke and Joy Dolo play laborers in a present-day hotel in "4 Seasons," but if you want to know more about a piece that Epp admits is "a hard one to describe," you need to look at its roots.” Read more…

A hotel. A year. 
Quality linens and room service.
Vivaldi and Chekov. 
Piazzolla as well.
A change of weather.
A change of heart.
A get away, a hideaway.
A prelude, a refuge.
An interlude, a start. 
Purgatory or paradise. 
You can’t beat the price.